Antifogmatic - Punch Brothers
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  1. While its previous album, Punch, took that sophistication to a level bordering on esotericism, the new Antifogmatic is as warm and welcoming as the bracing 19th-century drink that gave it its name.
  2. While's new band Punch Brothers is building a case for bigger fame with the release of its second album, Antifogmatic.
  3. Punch Brothers tuck their instrumental prowess into songs, behind or between the arching melodies carried by Mr. Thile's high, aching voice. And he brings something unexpected to the pickin' party: angst, which in these songs often happens to revolve around the dangerous lure of available women.
  4. It is, truly, postmodern bluegrass-keenly self-conscious of its own brilliance.
  5. In these tough times, Thile's words, and the album as a whole, are more effective than the titular tonic at staving off inclement weather, at least of the emotional variety. A strong dose of Antifogmatic goes a long way.
  6. For all their peerless technical skill, it's the gutsiness they display throughout Antifogmatic that makes the album one of the year's finest, most ambitious records.
  7. If nothing on Antifogmatic is quite that ambitious, nevertheless in track after track Thile leads the band through labyrinthine arrangements that shift tempos and instrument groupings, over which he sings abstract lyrics in a slightly disembodied high tenor voice.
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  1. Feb 16, 2013
    It really is a great album and a great gift for the audience returned to Folk, these guys do a job graceful and almost flawless, Punch Brother certainly is a large group of its kind. Expand