Black Forest - Pale Young Gentlemen
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  • Summary: This is the sophomore album for the indie-rock band from Madison, Wisconsin.
Score distribution:
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  1. Good music that works, effortlessly, and is even easier to love.
  2. Progressive yet embracing the past, full of fit and flourish without ever sounding fanciful, Black Forest (Tra La La) is one of the most unique and glorious albums of the year.
  3. Once again, the Pale Young Gentlemen has crafted a singularly noteworthy record unlike anything else.
  4. Here, as on their last effort, probably the most well fitted referent is Andrew Bird, but Forest flattens the jubilant hop of Pale Young Gentlemen into a cluster of songs much darker and more expansive.
  5. Those looking for a sombre accompaniment for the wintry evenings ahead could do a hell of a lot worse than pick up this superb record.
  6. Though the concept of "growth" can border on illusory, the shady, gnarled Black Forest comes on less strong than Pale Young Gentlemen, but is ultimately a lot harder to shake than its charming, if slightly hammy predecessor.
  7. Black Forest (tra la la) is a nice little record made by an ambitious group of musicians from whom I expect excellent things. Three or four songs here are downright wonderful, and the rest, at the very least, aren’t entirely unpleasant.

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  1. Sep 11, 2011
    This is a great album, but I felt like it lacked the energy of the first album by the same band. The songs are longer than the first album, and they're less varied, leaving you almost bored at times. There are still fantastic songs on this album, and it's worth listening to, but if you haven't heard the first one then do yourself a favor and get that one first. Expand