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  1. With Body Talk Pt 1 she's ready to finally take her place at pop's top table of greats. For once, the sequel can't some soon enough.
  2. Immaculately produced, fantastically sung, and loaded with memorable choruses, this eight-song effort has plenty to please everyone from post-dubstep crate diggers to teen tweeters-- often at the same time.
  3. Robyn's icy, controlled vocals and cool synth textures are almost alienating in their precision, but there's a beating pulse underneath the dance-bot artifice that captures the celebratory catharsis that can be found on the dance floor.
  4. Loving Body Talk means finding pleasure in the perfect execution of pop conventions; it means recognizing the click.
  5. On her fifth album, Body Talk Pt. 1, Swedish electro-pop singer Robyn proves she's ready for the dancefloor.
  6. Who needs 18 tracks? The shorter format leaves you wanting more, which is the desired effect of the first plate in any three-course meal.
  7. Although only eight songs long, Body Talk Pt. 1 is a fully formed, imagined futuristic world that uses technology to propel it into a future version of the present day.
  8. Those bookends [songs on this album] are clues to both her defiant independence of spirit and her versatility within the pop idiom, and show precisely why she should be treasured.
  9. It's Robyn's detours from these tough-gal tunes that offer genuine surprises.
  10. 80
    On Body Talk Pt. 1, Robyn confidently chronicles the heartbreak ("Dancing on My Own") and pleasure ("Dancehall Queen") of epic disco nights like she's ready to rule.
  11. Capturing the freedom and loneliness of independence, Body Talk, Pt. 1 is a concise set of songs on its own, and an impressive first third of the whole ambitious project.
  12. Robyn's transition to the boldest--and maybe loneliest--girl in the room allowed her to showcase her versatile range of emotions and musical influences, plenty of which are on display in Body Talk Pt. 1.
  13. Robyn returned this year with two new EPs with an alleged third one on the way and while the construction of each flatters the contents, taken as a whole, they're wildly uneven. The stronger of the two is Body Talk Pt. 1, with three of ten best singles of the 2010.
  14. Proclamations that only the music matters, not the units shifted, are liable to ring a little hollow. Nevertheless, there's a lot to like about Body Talk Pt. 1.
  15. This first instalment is impressive, but thin at eight tracks. Would it not have been better to hold back, and release just one, truly stunning record?
  16. Not all of Body Talk, Pt. 1 works, although the only real bomb is the chintzy synth reggae of "Dancehall Queen", which attempts to channel "The Tide Is High"-era Blondie (or, failing that, No Doubt) on Robyn's otherwise successful tour through essential pop referents.
  17. The objective here is more ambiguous, and the tone less frisky and more guarded [than her self-titled release].
  18. Capped with a Swedish folk gem, Body Talk shows a dancehall queen with more than just blonde ambition.
  19. Early trio Fembot, the single Dancing on My Own and Cry When You Get Older are scorchingly catchy, and laced with Robyn's familiar cordial of sparkling hook mixed with unutterable poignancy. The thing is, it's alarming when the first instalment of a trilogy houses so much filler.
  20. The good tracks on 'Body Talk' are of such a high quality that it definitely makes it worthwhile to check this album out but you are soon left with a feeling that the subsequent releases in this series will cobble together one amazing album and one really bad one.
  21. 60
    Stomping Eurodisco almost-anthems rub shoulders with crying-on-the-dancefloor confessionals, although the 31-year-old diva's plastic-punkette teen-rebel pose grates at times. [Aug 2010, p.93]
  22. Robin Carlsson has transcended myriad label problems to transform herself into the most glamorous and most fascinating electro-pop diva. [July 2010, p. 139]
  23. 60
    Five years after the self released Robyn, she's teamed up with the Teddybears Klas Ahlund again but made a subtle shift away from the Top 40 to something more leftfield. [July 2010, p. 97]
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  1. Sep 13, 2010
    Robyn definitely brings the best back on "Body Talk Pt. 1" The best song ont eh album is "Dancing on My Own". The lyrics and synths are hotRobyn definitely brings the best back on "Body Talk Pt. 1" The best song ont eh album is "Dancing on My Own". The lyrics and synths are hot and the accoustic version of "Hang With Me" is the best!!! Full Review »
  2. Aug 27, 2010
    This first part of a proposed trilogy is another masterpiece of pop, almost as good as her last flawless effort. If the other two albumsThis first part of a proposed trilogy is another masterpiece of pop, almost as good as her last flawless effort. If the other two albums retain this level of quality, energy and freshness, we might have the pop album(s) of the year. Full Review »
  3. RezJ
    Jun 18, 2010
    The beat is crazy and nonsense!!!! i couldn't stand to listen to the whole CD.