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  1. A huge evolutionary leap forward from the group’s charming 2006 debut "Moonlighting," Brooklynati brings together the whole package: gorgeous beats, thoughtful rhymes, strong song concepts, and a laid-back, cohesive vibe.
  2. It is an extremely well produced album with good emceeing. It is a unique experience as it should be.
  3. 80
    In spite of the obstacles--both real and imagined alike--on their second full-length album, Donwill, Ilyas, and Von Pea, collectively Tanya Morgan, have crafted an expansive tour de force.
  4. The effect is never derivative, nor is it catered to the commercial hip-hop landscape, but it's always memorable.
  5. This feels, to me, like the sort of rap record we rap nerds lament a dearth of: sprawling and smart, bursting with production that ebbs symphonically but never cluttered over five-minute tracks, a long, warm-hearted record whose length is justified by long, genial verses that build on one another via sharp delivery and three assured mic presences (and one outrageous guest).
  6. Whereas their 2006 disc, "Moonlighting," was across-the-board impressive but a tad monotonous, their latest hinges on memorable and unpredictable style jumps.
  7. 70
    Smart, left-field parodies such as 'Hardcore Gentlemen,' which sends up early-'90s horrorcore, prove that Tanya Morgan may go hard in pursuit of rap dreams, but they haven't lost their infectious sense of humor.
  8. The album spends nearly its entirety trying to revive a sound prevalent in 1994.
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  1. BrandonR.
    Jul 19, 2009
    I am "So Damn Down" for this hip-hop album.
  2. JoshF
    Jul 14, 2009
    It's refreshing to hear that true hip-hop is alive and strong with these Lessondary crew cats. BIG ups!
  3. bobd
    Jul 6, 2009
    You know, it's easy to say something is 'derivative' or 'backpacker' after giving it one half-listen, but it's You know, it's easy to say something is 'derivative' or 'backpacker' after giving it one half-listen, but it's unfair to do so. Full Review »