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Mixed or average reviews- based on 7 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 2 out of 7

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  1. Jan 27, 2011
    Somewhere in the mix are good hip-hop foundations that are let down by ordinary productions, average flows and middle-of-the-road lyrical content. There is no attempt at any originality but the rhythms and rhymes are strong enough to meet audience expectations. It is the type of album you would listen to once and then forget about. This is not to say its a bad album but the sounds are forgettable and Foxy Brown's style is hugely out of fashion right now in 2008. The standout track is 'The Quan' which sounds great thanks to Lady Saw. 5/10 48/100 Expand
  2. Nov 12, 2013
    I just don't know where it went wrong, her lyricism fell short, her flow somewhat didn't seem convincing. I LIVE for the ill na na but had lost all faith when i heard this album. it seemed rushed and i felt cheated, waiting so long for foxy and had been let down. This all happened after Lil' Kim owned her lyrically.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 8 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 8
  2. Negative: 1 out of 8
  1. A couple tracks and a few stray lines aside, these verses could have been dashed off by the MC at just about any earlier point in her career.
  2. Foxy's ability to be honest about her trials and tribulations is refreshing, and the album is mostly successful regardless of her extra-long absence from store shelves.
  3. Despite the tabloid-worthy subject matter, a couple of bangers are invigorating, with Foxy spitting fiercely over a dark, stomping beat on 'How We Get Down.' But she also gets stuck in rote braggadocio.