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  • Summary: The remix album features songs from the rock band's first two albums by such singers and producers as Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, The Cool Kids, Of Montreal, Deerhoof, Paul Oakenfold and Phantom Planet's Sam Farrar.
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  1. The L.A. quintet makes it work on Call and Response: The Remix Album, letting those unusual suspects--along with hitmakers like Mark Ronson and Pharrell Williams--play with their master tapes.
  2. Call and Response is everything the format could and should be.
  3. These remixes of the group's hits by indie acts like Of Montreal and Deerhoof make the idea seem oddly plausible.
  4. The results are uneven, which is nearly always the case with remix discs....But the better stuff here works splendidly.
  5. This wide net says more about Maroon 5's fashion than it does their music--they're sharp and smart enough to know what will get them club play and blog mentions--but it's nice to have a band so big try to tie together these two niches, even if neither the R&B nor the indie rock winds up relating to the happy mainstream hooks of the group's hits.
  6. Call And Response is an interesting (and by “interesting” I mean “awful”) remix album due to the fact that no one seems to want to mess with the originals for fear of alienating anyone or veering off from the song’s original composition (likely for the sake of the commercial prospects of the album).
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  1. Nov 28, 2012
    If you loved Maroon 5's album songs, you probably won't like this album. The songs are quite different, shifting into different genres. I am a huge fan of their previous work and the songs that were remixed on this album were not to my taste at all. I would only recommend this to R&B fans who like Maroon 5's lyrics a little and wish the tunes/rhythms were completely different. Expand