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  • Summary: The Barry Dobbin-led band (who also form part of Roots Manuva's live band) make their debut with this retro-dance-rock disc.
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  1. They're pop in perhaps the most literal sense of the word-- their songs POP out at you, glowing bright blue-green like a Nike tracksuit.
  2. This debut sets the newcomers head and shoulders above the neo-Britpop pack.
  3. No one around sounds quite like Clor at the moment.
  4. So, ‘Clor’: an antidote, should you want one, to the let-it-all-out emotional blokeism of Oasis and the oak-lined authenticity of The White Stripes; the sound of a group goofing off because sometimes that’s what life demands.
  5. Sounds at once familiar yet new. [Aug 2005, p.127]
  6. Although they have some serviceable indie disco hits, Clor are merely the latest production line band to explore a niche in the market, though their attempt at nerdy, computerised post punk rubs one off as a flawed blend of, of all things, The Downward Spiral and Zwan.
  7. Clor’s singer and main-man Barry Dobbin unfortunately posses the kind of high, straining voice that grates to the point of making you want to punch him on the nose, and when combined with the incessant business of the band’s undoubtedly clever and accomplished music it makes this eponymous debut feel like an effort to listen to.

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