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  • Summary: The debut album between Norwegian producer Rune Lindbaek and the British-based Idjut Boys.
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  1. Fussless and fluid, loose but never lazy, Desire Lines is another fine feather in the caps of Rune Lindbaek and Idjut Boys, who now take their place alongside fellow travelers Studio, Hatchback, and Quiet Village as creators of some of the finest, hippest, and coolest chillout music of the late 2000s.
  2. Meanderthals are a collaboration between Idjut Boys and Rune Linbaek, with a sound that is a bit of a fluffier than what we have traditionally come to expect from the Smalltown Supersound label roster. That fluffiness adds a fresh breeze to the otherwise unassuming mix of throwback downbeat and Scandinavian folk strumming.
  3. 80
    After mucking about for more than a decade, spacey Norwegian producer Rune Lindbaek teams up with London disco pranksters the Idjut Boys to create this surprisingly focused debut, and the results are nothing less than total sun-soaked beatitude.
  4. Barring the occasional mid-song bridge that might have you checking your watch, most of it works, too: Even when Desire Lines slows, it's because it's wandering or straggling, not because it's hamming out same-y minutes in some ill-forged notion of filling up a 12".
  5. 70
    The vast array of musical styles makes an otherwise mediocre album...a Meanderthal album.
  6. You won’t hate this record; you won’t be any more capable of hating this record as you would a particularly aesthetically pleasing houseplant. But the record’s greatest achievement is that it’s happy with just not being hated.
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