Didn't It Rain - Hugh Laurie

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  1. Sep 26, 2014
    This album is interesting, and I always enjoy listening to it. The album clings to the tenets of early Delta jazz (my favorite) and hosts several great songs. Laurie shines on the piano and guitar, but tends to fall short when he chooses to sing, especially during his duets. His co-singers however (Gaby Moreno, Taj Mahal, and Jean McClain) are singularly amazing. I can always groove to most of the album, but some songs (I'm looking at you, "Didn't it Rain" and "Careless Love") bring the album to a grinding halt and seem like a chore to listen through. The backing band "makes" the feel for the album, and ultimately there are far more good songs than bad.

    Favorite songs: "Weed Smoker's Dream", "Wild Honey", and "Send me to the Lectric Chair", gotta love that soul.
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  2. Apr 20, 2014
    It isnt as good as "Let them Talk" album, but it is still one of the best jazz/blues in these days and it is really good hearing for people, who dont ever listening to this kind of music Full Review »