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  • Summary: Health's 2009 album "Get Color" is remixed by such artists as Crystal Castles, Tobacco, CFCF, Javelin, and Little Loud.
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  1. When these remixes succeed, it's when they take the original song and stay faithful to certain aspects of it that make it distinct, and luckily, the ratio of hits to misses leans heavily in favor of hits.
  2. As is their wont, LA noiseniks HEALTH breathe new life into a tired format (again) by handing over their second set Get Color to a few sonic visionaries of their choice.
  3. It lacks the pace of some of HEALTH's very best thrashers, but is executed with such style it's impossible not to be immediately smitten by.
  4. This record is sexy instead of violent, reductive instead of dense. It's uneven, too.
  5. 70
    Balancing the dance floor with the off-center and the odd, HEALTH culled the indie electronica gamut for this twelve-track pastiche.
  6. And even though there are a few flatout stunners on here (along with Pictureplane and Javelin's contributions is Blindoldfreak's album closing take on "Before Tigers"), none compare to HEALTH's own contribution to DISCO2, the monstrous "USA Boys".
  7. Who is doing who a favour? Either way this ["Eat Flesh"] is one of the stand out tracks from this patchy collection.

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