Dizzy Spells

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  • Summary: The first album in three years for the Dutch collective. This 12-track set was produced by Steve Albini.
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  1. The excitement is sustained so consistently over the hour-long running time that you'll almost begin to wish the six-minute songs were even longer.
  2. If I were suddenly appointed Minister of Improving Music, my inaugural act would involve sending shock troops to ransack the CD racks of every would-be cookie-cutter punk in, say, Orange County, replacing all recordings by Social D. and Suicidal T. with copies of Dizzy Spells.
  3. Alternative Press
    It's still hard to believe that a punk band formed more than 20 years ago are capable of releasing a new album that's both vital and worthy of the promise of their early material.... With Dizzy Spells, the quintet may have topped it all. [#155, p.83]
  4. With a musical attack this meticulous and charged, I know I'd enjoy The Ex even if I was their target...
  5. While you will find no pop hooks or easy to use formulas here, The Ex is not blindly searching to create something amazing. Instead they are building on the knowledge they have gained over two decades of being one of the consistently innovative bands that rock music has ever known.
  6. Magnet
    It's amazing that, however slowly, the Ex is still exploring fresh terrain. [#50, p.87]