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  1. As the most comprehensive portrait of her significant body of work yet, it’s the perfect opportunity to listen closer to the whole picture, to see what overarching stories Parton’s music offers, to think about the rich bounty of stories and ideas that live in her songs.
  2. The bulk of Dolly comes from the professionally tumultuous, creatively astounding period from the mid-’60s through the Wagoner split.
  3. The hits (“I Will Always Love You,’’ “9 to 5’’) are here, but the rarities make this box set essential listening for diehards and newbies alike.
  4. It's largely successful, because it's hard to go wrong with Dolly Parton; 26 gold and platinum albums make her arguably the most successful female country singer-songwriter, and Dolly goes a long way toward that.
  5. Perhaps that's a story for another set, however, and newcomers and fans alike will find this one remarkably satisfying
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  1. BillyL.
    Jan 25, 2010
    First saw Dolly when she was very young (6 or 17) and touring with Porter. She had a clean and clear voice then and still does today.