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  1. You could always dance to Ozo's beats, but this time they supply more hip-churning swing than alt-rock stomp.
  2. Nearly everything about Don’t Mess With the Dragon is as fluid and serpentine as the album’s namesake.
  3. Ozo makes its kitchen-sink musical fusion feel seamless in any given number... Still, "Dragon" can be dizzying in its sheer variety.
  4. It's hard to stay completely original album after album, but Ozomatli does exactly that when it sticks to the sounds of Los Angeles it helped put on the map. [14 Apr 2007]
  5. 70
    Ozomatli's joyful beats... pulse with defiance. [Apr 2007, p.132]
  6. Ozomatli serve up a rhythmically seething musical mélange that serves as virtual mirror to the dizzying cultural contradictions at the heart of their Los Angeles hometown.
  7. It's not that any of these tracks are bad: Ozomatli is comprised of talented enough musicians, and have been doing it for long enough now, that they're able to pretty much successfully pull off anything they try, but these songs move so far from the sociopolitical salsa on which they created themselves that it's almost hard to recognize them as from the same band.
  8. 60
    [They] downplay the hip-hop boom-bap... in favor of busy pop jams that mirror the overstimulation of 21st-century life. [Apr 2007, p.93]
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  1. momdog
    Apr 14, 2007
    Get it
  2. LuisS
    Apr 13, 2007
    Ozomatli did what they precisely set out to do with this album. They made an album that's more accessible to a wider English-speaking audience, while maintaining their diverse style and positive message with a socio-political (but non-overbearing) edge. While this isn't their best album, it is a great installment in the evolution of their career. Full Review »