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  • Summary: The second album for the Norwegian singer features guest appearances by Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and Datarock's Fredrik Saroea.

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Once upon a time there was a girl Who met a boy that said he'd change the world Promises he only made for me Vanished into what it could have... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Featuring some of the most inventive producers in pop and steered by a singer who knows her way round a catchy melody or five, Don't Stop is one of the best pop albums of 2009.
  2. Anyone who can bring real emotion to lines like “How does it feel to hear your songs on the radio? / And does it hurt to hear your songs on the radio?” deserves to be a real star.
  3. The lead single has been switched more times than a Sugababes member and the tracklisting has been mercurial. But, oh boy, was it worth the wait.
  4. Not every song on Don't Stop or its bonus All Night EP is a classic, but Annie's good taste has yielded another fine crop of pop tunes.
  5. Annie deserves credit for attempting to stretch, both vocally and lyrically, but she's better off when quietly lamenting lost love or championing the power of the dance floor to bring people together, as she effectively does on the opening track 'Hey Annie.'
  6. All tracks considered, Annie makes a significant step forward with Don’t Stop. That step that might have taken awhile to hit the floor, but was well placed when it did.
  7. Indeed, Annie’s given us a few winning singles but also a lot of glitz that can probably be ignored after one listen or two.

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  1. Jun 19, 2011
    Annie is one of the most underrated dance/pop artists out there. After hearing "Chewing Gum" last year I instantly tried to find "Anniemal".Annie is one of the most underrated dance/pop artists out there. After hearing "Chewing Gum" last year I instantly tried to find "Anniemal". After hearing it and loving it "Don't Stop" easily impressed me. Make sure you buy the 2-CD edition with "All Night EP". Expand