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  1. Surreal and disquieting, yet comforting, Drawn From Life chills your bones while it lulls you to sleep.
  2. Drawn From Life features some of Eno's most tightly structured and accessible music in years.
  3. The Wire
    They're both adept at the refined art of turning nothing new into something memorable. [#207, p.61]
  4. While Drawn From Life doesn't maintain the thematic unity that makes Discreet Music and On Land classic ambient Eno excursions, it does benefit from more direction than in his most recent works.
  5. Entertainment Weekly
    No, it's not visionary, but few know how to tenderly calibrate a digital landscape as skillfully as Eno. [6/1/01, p.91]
  6. Magnet
    Eno brings interesting and complex rhythmic counterpoints to his 3-a.m. atmospherics.... It all sounds so very sleepy in the end, and quite numbing, in a most uncomfortable way. [#51, p.92]
  7. It's impeccably recorded-- pretty at some points and vaguely somber at others-- but it never distinguishes itself.

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  1. BryanW.
    Sep 26, 2001
    Another Eno soundtrack - you create the film.
  2. FilipL.
    Aug 5, 2001
    Richly structured. Haunting. Intense. European. Concise. Futuristic yet traditional. Analog. Restless.