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  • Summary: This is the third full-length album for the San Francisco-based indie rock band.
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  1. The meticulously constructed aural textures created by scores of overdubs by Feinberg and Green make songs like the epic instrumental “Fortunate Son” as much fun to contemplate as listen to, no matter what substances might be clouding your mind at the time.
  2. 80
    The jams always pull back at just the right moment, and the songs equal their folksy models. There's so much heart here that even the most exacting re-creations of bygone FM wank seem spontaneous.
  3. Dream Get Together is the rare 2000s album that sounds better played end to end than it does broken down into pieces. A track might sound good in a random mix, sure, but taken together, the effect is somewhat magical.
  4. They flat-out go for it on this record, even more so than their high-flying earlier records, and they hit every mark they take aim at. There might not be much restraint on this record, but its exploration always feels under control.
  5. You can see how some might dismiss ‘Dream Get Together’ as irrelevant noodling (oh yes, there are solos herein), but if you are unphased by such concepts then you will enjoy this album a lot.
  6. There’s a solid groove to most tracks, with no digressions to the Court of the Crimson King, or democratic opportunities for weaker members of the commune to sing.
  7. Citay's fourth album hasn't moved far from the excessive Black Sabbath/led Zeppelin grind of their self-titled 2006 debut. Dream Get Together does, however, show more finesse. [Mar 2010, p.98]

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