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  1. D.U.M.E.'s witchy, heavily eyelinered approach may appeal more to fans of bands like Numbers or Ersatz Audio's own Tamion 12 Inch than admirers of Adult.'s normally sleek, distant neo-electro, but the harsh, nervous allure of tracks like "Don't Talk (Redux)" and "Hold Your Breath" is undeniable.
  2. Abounds with ADULT.'s trademark terse tension you can dance to--albeit as if in a straitjacket. [Apr 2005, p.128]
  3. They're sure punching with more punch than they did when resuscitating the stand-and-deliver sexlessness of analog-electro past with blank face and vacant stare.
  4. The upshot of these six tracks seems to be that Adult. have been listening to a hell of a lot of Bauhaus. And I have to give them credit: They've followed that impulse right out to the sweet spot.
  5. A set that flat out refuses to be ignored.
  6. Adult. doesn't make their music easy to swallow, and some of the tracks here don't feel fully developed. But this is a band in transition, exchanging the spacious rhythms of their electro for a suffocating spin on rock revivalism.
  7. Shrill, sharp, twitchy compositions that can be as abrasive as they are compelling.
  8. All but unlistenable for five of its six songs. [#9]
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  1. kayvong
    May 20, 2005
    Great stuff... I only knew Resuscitation before seeing them in concert recently, and was disappointed on the one hand that they style was less electro and more punk (a la early siouxie et al), but they do this stuff well, and retain the electronics as the backbone. I can see similarities to Bauhaus's more experimental b-sides here. It's dark and distant, but more human (in a goth sort of way) than their earlier stuff. I'm glad their style has developed, rather than stagnating. I'd reccomend this to people who are into the gray area music between punk/post-punk and new wave that early goth evolved from. Full Review »