East Of Eden - Taken by Trees

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  1. Because Bergsman keeps Eden's doors open (centerpiece 'Wapas Karma' is a traditional performed entirely by locals), there's a natural light and a welcome freshness--a breeze from across the world, rather than a suitcase of souvenirs.
  2. East of Eden, in that sense, isn't so far from Studio's West Coast: a masterful, hypnotic album that draws on a world of influences but is ultimately limited by none.
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  1. BrynT.
    Oct 5, 2009
    Contrary to what The Pheonix said, i think that 'Wapas Karn(m?)a' breaks this album much more than making it - it's out of place in among great great tracks like 'My Boys' , 'To Lose Someone' and pretty much the rest of the album. Hopeful stuff. Easily one of the best albums this year. I look forward to hearing what follows this. Full Review »