Ecstasy - Lou Reed

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. This is the kind of beautiful album that Reed knows he can make in his sleep yet seldom does.
  2. 80
    In twelve brutally honest and dark tracks, Reed revisits the best elements of his early work...
  3. Understandably, Reed's old fascination with sadomasochistic transcendence puts off those who don't swing that way at least a little. But the music on this record, its gorgeous part, could change that.
  4. "Ecstasy" finds 58-year-old rock poet Lou Reed characteristically fixing his gaze on messier thoughts and murkier emotions -- and doing so more artfully than at any time since his 1989 masterpiece, "New York."
  5. Reed has lost neither his lyrical bite nor his sonic perfectionism.
  6. Though Ecstasy is gruesome, fearsome and rife with realism much in the same way as his heart-stopping shocker, Berlin (1973), Reed has a compelling way with words, and a magic touch with psycho-delic guitar riffs that dare us to follow him down the back alleys to his darkest thoughts.
  7. The main criticism of this record is that a few tracks are merely good, as opposed to epochal.
  8. Hardly surprising to find some dross here, I suppose, since the whole thing clocks in at 77 minutes, 26 seconds. For those willing to make their own "best of" tape, through, Ecsatsy has a lot to offer. [#46, p.33]
  9. While Ecstasy is essentially a concept album about the fantasies and realities of love and family, it includes as much sex, drugs, and rock n' roll culture as any of Reed's earlier work.
  10. The best record Lou Reed has made in a long time.
  11. There are more flashes of the old White Light/White Heat Reed than the old crank has provided even diehard loyalists in years.
  12. Reed genuinely seems to be stretching towards new lyrical and musical ground here, but while some of his experiments work, several pointedly do not?
  13. 60
    Ecstasy is definitely a Lou Reed record for Lou Reed fans. If you're a happy regular shopper at Lou's Boutique, this one'll fit nicely on the shelf alongside all the others.
  14. So there it is, bizarre, world-weary, beautiful, touching, self-indulgent but never, never dull ? at least not until at least nine minutes into 'Like A Possum'.
  15. As uneven an album as Reed has released, it might be easier to take if there had been more of them in the past seven or eight years. Instead, it feels like the latest in a series of anticlimaxes.
  16. 40
    Signature oh-so-mellow, mumblin' beat, only this time with just too much remove and far too little energy to make it work.

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