Embrace - Sleepy Sun
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  • Summary: The San Francisco-based band that started in Santa Cruz, releases its debut album.
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  1. While much of Embrace draws on the alchemic power of the jam, most notably the billowing white-noise eruption of 'White Dove,' it's a keen grasp of songwriting nuance that differentiates them from the legions of neo-psych charlatans. [Summer 2009, p.70]
  2. Sleepy Sun have managed to come up with an album that is beautifully entrancing, and doesn't encourage the listener to go to sleep before the mid point.
  3. At times, Embrace can get a little too droning and repetitive, but it's a confident and promising debut.
  4. The technical virtuosity on display on Embrace is something to appreciate, but the delicate balance between their austere and manic moments, the way they bridge hazy folk and psych so frequently, needs a little more refinement.
  5. As with any album that features epic, largely instrumental tracks, pacing is paramount, and Sleepy Sun does an excellent job breaking up the Goliath tracks with hit-and-runs like Red/Black and with some lovely acoustic numbers.
  6. 62
    Despite the album's wide-armed title and obvious sweet-leafed leanings, these may not be the kind of people you want to party with. [Spring 2009, p.102]
  7. Taken as a whole, Embrace is an enjoyable album. It’s predictable in places, at times even a little cliché, but it’s executed competently enough that these qualities are forgivable.

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