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  • Summary: The follow-up to the band's gold album "St. Jude" was produced by Ed Buller.
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  1. It's when he stops trying to be the people's poet, however that Falcon soars. [Mar 2010, p.100]
  2. The Courteeners have developed the ability to, at points, blow away tribal allegiances with hooks forged from pure indie gold.
  3. These are strong, conventional songs full of clever flicks and feints, deliciously produced by Ed (Suede, Pulp, White Lies) Buller.
  4. So despite the new outlook and lofty declarations, why does 'Falcon' fail to take off? The fault lies partly in Fray's parochial outlook.
  5. 40
    Despite the laudable ambitions of the arrangements, Fray's mundane eye-witness vignettes become wearying. [Mar 2010, p.82]
  6. If only they worked a little harder at it, they could be so much more than indie fodder for those who find Kasabian's recent work a little too experimental.
  7. The problem isn’t in the songs themselves – there are plenty of choruses to sing along to, and some interesting lyrical snippets – it’s just that Fray has made such an effort to prove that he’s more than a swaggering Gallagher-ite that he smothers the record and doesn’t allow it to breathe.

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