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  • Summary: The band that began as a project with Simon Wohan, while Kip Ulhorn was still with the Panthers, releases its latest album of Krautrock-influenced music.
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  • Record Label: Holy Mountain
  • Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Space Rock
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  1. Fin Eaves' mix doesn't have anything in it you haven't heard before, but you've never heard the elements put together like this before, either. It's a powerful, massively textured thing whose heavily treated grooves (yes, grooves) are drenched in ambiguous, deeply poetic beauty.
  2. Sure, with Cloudland Canyon stringently adhering to their newfound formula and retaining a similar pace throughout, Fin Eaves doesn't lend itself to any startles or immediately striking moments. But their renewed approach allows for the full realization of the album's flavor: grandiose, ambitious, and almost painfully beautiful.
  3. What Uhlhorn has done on Fin Eaves is reconcile those influences into something unique to him; this is homage or pastiche, rather than imitation. Rather than playing different influences to different effect, Fin Eaves is a whole work, the first of the band's career.
  4. All of this to say that Cloudland Canyon does something interesting that is deceptively simple. This is a difficult album if you really listen--but you might also just throw it on in the background and let the dreaminess surround you and whisk you away to nowhere.
  5. Throughout Fin Eaves, the kaleidoscopic growth of the tracks feels both natural and chaotic, and you get a good sense of the sounds and patterns evolving. Sometimes the album's lo-fi and static-ridden production can induce a dulling sensation.
  6. Under The Radar
    Uhlhorn has composed an ambitious single piece with Fin, Eaves, with songs effortlessly segueing into each other. [Summer 2010, p.78]