Frozen Orange

  • Record Label: Merge
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2004

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  1. 100
    A luminously lovely solo album.
  2. The album flows like sweet maple syrup from beginning to end, Kilgour's intimate croon caressing you like kind words from an old friend.
  3. Frozen Orange might as well have simplicity, directness, and melody stamped like a mantra throughout the liner notes.
  4. Kilgour's song structures and orchestration never miss, and his lyrics always avoid being less or more than what they should be.
  5. Anyone looking for [an] unpretentious, laidback and solid full-length is hereby invited to check out what's made Kilgour one our most consistent performers for 25 years.
  6. Producer Mark Nevers emphasizes vamping, letting songs rev up and down in such a way that listeners can imagine them still existing somewhere outside the disc itself.
  7. As gentle, elegant end-of-the-summer albums go, Frozen Orange scores top marks. As a David Kilgour record, it's more subjective; some listeners will love the polish, while others will consider it surplus to requirements.
  8. While I am not one to fault Kilgour for slowing things down a little, an impatient listener might argue that Frozen Orange shows Kilgour's age in the same ways Yo La Tengo's Summer Sun belied theirs.

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  1. dyanc
    Nov 22, 2004
    Frozen Orange is full of sweet, sad songs describing love, desire and resignation in equal measures. It's my favourite album of the moment...