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  1. 90
    HEALTH will still be written off as noise, but for fans, it sounds like the quartet tapped into its groove.
  2. On Get Color, though, the frenetic impulses from two years back have been carefully tempered, the percussive backbone more sharply honed and the ear-bleeding textures more cleverly implemented.
  3. For many, Health's noisy tendencies will be a bit much, but those who aren't afraid to dig deeper will be rewarded greatly.
  4. HEALTH's musical talent can be heard during every song on this album, but there is also some room to grow--another good sign of a promising new band.
  5. Get Color goes by fast and leaves the listener satisfied but begging for more wonderful, eardrum punishing noise.
  6. Get Color builds on the success of HEALTH in all the right ways, proving the band worthy of an intimidating amount of hype while defying the expectations that come with it.
  7. On Get Color Health hit upon a noise that’s all their own. If they make the kind of leap between albums two and three that they did between one and two, Health’s third album should be nothing short of spectacular.
  8. Get Color is exactly what a sophomore release should be: a deepening of and expansion upon the promise laid out by the band’s first record.
  9. That’s what this is, a record with definition and character, a pointed move away from the nerve-frying, oft random lurches of HEALTH.
  10. Uncut
    Still short on humanity, true, but possessed with an alien sort of beauty. [Oct 2009, p.98]
  11. This being their (sort of) third album, HEALTH have ostensibly defined their formula and they seem content with that, tweaking without straying from their core of grating guitars, ghostly vocals, and the occasional synth.
  12. Get Color is a hell of a tease, proving that Health is still an extraordinary band, but not always treating listeners to the full package.
  13. So naturally the big question now is if the rest of Get Color lives up to the promise of 'Die Slow.' The answer is that it does... kind of.
  14. 70
    Guitars and synths, both shimmering and scouring (depending on the volume level), can’t quite override the sweet harmonies at the heart of 'Die Slow,' nor can the toms stop them on 'Death+' or 'We Are Water.'
  15. Under The Radar
    Get Color is not the easiest listen. But it is just as--if not--more exciting than any other HEALTH 's past recordings. [Fall 2009, p.63]
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  1. Jul 29, 2015
    This is what youth sounds like, loud and passionate and rambling, seemingly without a higher purpose than simply "doing what feels right."This is what youth sounds like, loud and passionate and rambling, seemingly without a higher purpose than simply "doing what feels right." It's 33 minutes of dancy, punchy noise you can imagine getting sweaty to and I loved it. The last minute of "We Are Water" is most likely what inspired Rockstar to give them a call, asking if they wanted to do Max Payne 3. That minute alone is haunting as hell. Good album. Full Review »
  2. Oct 23, 2011
    Have you ever wondered if there is any connection between bandâ