Habeas Corpus

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  • Summary: This is the second album on the Jive label for the rock quartet from St. Louis.
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  1. They're still true believers in the cleansing if not excoriating power of rock and roll.
  2. Frontman/lyricist Lillian Berlin urges his listeners to "take to the streets," if necessary, to enforce the will of the people. It's a heady manifesto, but Habeas Corpus never gets bogged down in rhetoric.
  3. 70
    Wordman Lillian Berlin murmurs more than he declaims and prefers to share vocals with members of a shifting communal entity dubbed the “Living Things Choir,” and if that fuzzes up the lyrics, well, like most bands, Living Things are more into emotions than ideas anyway.
  4. Despite the catch phrases and recycled riffs, nothing about Habeas Corpus is authentic--it's all trashy punk that trivializes anything it touches--but what's fun about it is that Living Things do it all without a sense of awareness.
  5. The end result isn't as gripping as the debut, but Berlin is still one of hard rock's more compelling politicos.
  6. 60
    The strength of this follow-up is not the defiant antiestablishment fist-pumping (though there's plenty), but the tunes.
  7. Alternative Press
    The lyrics can be heavy-handed--images of greed, violence and the apocalypse dominate, with varying levels of success--but the danceable beats and grungy atmosphere make Corpus the ideal soundtrack for debauchery in the face of economic depression. [Mar 2009, p.112]
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