Heart Of My Own - Basia Bulat
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  • Summary: The second album for the Canadian singer-songwriter was produced by Howard Bilerman.
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  1. Folk can be a notoriously intransigent genre, and Basia Bulat probably occupies the less user friendly end of the spectrum, but for those who like an album which grows and reveals its treasures slowly, A Heart of My Own is gold.
  2. Heart of My Own sounds more produced than Oh, My Darling, but not for lack of quality. Despite the yearning lyrical plotlines, the warmth exuded from the woodsy harmony of Bulat’s voice mingling with the amalgamation of guest instruments cozies even the bitterest of winter days.
  3. Produced again by former Arcade Fire man Howard Bilerman, here spare, lovelorn songs such as zithery vigil The Shore evoke an elegant melancholy, while the more rugged likes of Gold Rush dart forth on galloping drums, fiddles and banjos. [Feb 2010, p. 104]
  4. It’s an album unlikely to reign in anyone who’s on the fence about adding a folk album to their catalogue, but sure to delight those who like their melancholy sentiments sung by a voice that is as dexterous as it is vulnerable
  5. Expertly and diversely arranged, the songs of Heart of My Own build and hover, often in surprising ways.
  6. At times arresting, at other moments it's let down by some odd choices in the production and mixing. There is enough to hold the attention and to draw the listener back.
  7. Those who gravitated toward her debut will feel a similar pull to this album, though, which essentially reprises "Oh, My Darling’s" sound with slightly more confidence.

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  1. Feb 8, 2014
    Not only does she have a great grasp of her genre, she writes beautiful and thoughtful lyrics as well. Music is obviously very personal for her, so don't be surprised when she strikes you. If you don't get emotional, you may be a robot... I adore her. Expand