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  1. Positive: 10 out of 20
  2. Negative: 2 out of 20
  1. Eighteen months touring and producing themselves at home have toughened the bands sound. And broadened it.
  2. The Frat pack are back with the impressive, Here We Stand, a confident, storming, guitar-driven rollercoaster of an album with more hooks than the North Sea fishing fleet, all bobbing along on a blitzkreig of overdriven, pop guitars.
  3. Rather than sounding like musical magpies, The Fratellis are always their own men. [July 2008, p.100]
  4. Throughout, the joyfulness and invention, a marvel of pop craft, make Here We Stand hit the spot.
  5. They've produced a solid second album that is sure to succeed for them as long as they can maintain a good level of exposure.
  6. Like a lot of second albums that aren't exactly a slump, Here We Stand is more accomplished than dynamic, but there are still quite a few enjoyable moments here.
  7. Back for round two, sophomore album Here We Stand doesn't quite bring anything new to the table, but does carry on in the same fun, brash rock tradition of the debut.
  8. If you look at it as a Grand Guignol of rock cheese, this album is huge fun.
  9. This stuff certainly satisfies. What it doesn't do is thrill. [13 June 2008, p.70]
  10. If the band's found inventive ways to stretch out its melodies, lad-in-chief Jon Fratelli delivers best on soused songs illuminating how love has gone wrong. Party on.
  11. 60
    Not for everyone, but quite a party. [July 2008, p.94]
  12. Here We Stand keeps up its predecessor's swagger, but the album's debts to glam and Brit-rock forbears (there's some Bowie and Clash here, too) give you a vague sense you've heard these songs before.
  13. 50
    Here We Stand is tantalizing, but that's all. [July 2008, p.102]
  14. The Fratellis may have simply have heightened our expectations by sounding too good too soon. [Aug 2008, p.170]
  15. Unlikely to win over any feminists, or win any literary prizes, Here We Stand’s main problem is being overlong and under-chorused.
  16. Simply put, their attempts at a new, more mature direction have found them lacking in all departments: lyrical, compositional, and creative.
  17. 40
    They’ve buried those strengths deep to make way for a humorless new approach that borrows the turgid bleariness of Oasis (“Living’s much too easy and dying will be some kind of bore”) but misses the Gallaghers’ pomp and glory.
  18. Like Alex Turner with a head injury, Jon Fratelli writes observational lyrics that observe nothing, and character songs with no character.
  19. The Fratellis have comfortably nestled themselves among the ranks of British rock's most besotted, but even relative to their contemporaries they still manage to come off sounding bored, tired, and downright silly.
  20. Formula is strictly adhered to, and while pace may differ from one jolly strum-about to the next, the void where there should be a worthwhile tune remains.
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  1. Sep 1, 2010
    Although not as amazing as "Costello Music", this album makes its own mark. Rather than being The Fratellis second album, it is more "Here WeAlthough not as amazing as "Costello Music", this album makes its own mark. Rather than being The Fratellis second album, it is more "Here We Stand", The Fratellis latest bite at the fame apple. It has a slightly different sound to the debut abum, with the more kind of laid back and deep acoustic sounds which are summed up by "Baby Doll", one of the highlights of the album. Similar to the Arctic Monkeys first and second abums, the first sets itself more on having a good time. The music is playful, fast, and also something one can dance to. The second albums, however, take a step forward, and try to create the lasting effect of more emotional yet still brilliant sounds. Unlike the Arctic Monkeys though, The Fratellis second album falls short of their debut. But not drastically; like I mentioned before, it is its own album, not just a sequel. It has its highlights, which are so fantastic, that the less amazing (but still extremely good) songs (such as Straggler's Moon and Jesus Stole My Baby) are noticably worse, and this affects the entire album, thus lowering my overall score. The album is a worthwhile buy, as songs like "A Heady Tale", "Look Out Sunshine!", "Mistress Mabel" and "Lupe Brown" are worth hearing, and stand out as songs worthy of an album as great as their first. This album is a great piece of modern indie rock, and is severely underrated.
    8/10. Why? Because, unlike "Costello Music", it has some songs that are less enthralling.
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  2. Stew
    Aug 20, 2008
    Costello Music was a great album, this one severely disappoints.
  3. RobertG.
    Jul 5, 2008
    This second effort from the band is much better than their first. The critics are slagging it because it's not deep or mind expanding or This second effort from the band is much better than their first. The critics are slagging it because it's not deep or mind expanding or experimental or whatever. Screw that! It's fun as hell, it's filled with great hooks, it sounds fantastic and -- combined with the band's incredibly high energy -- this adds up to one of the best albums of 2008. Full Review »