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  1. Truth be told, finding a clunker on the second half is a tall order and that simple fact is what makes History of Modern so rewarding.
  2. Q Magazine
    This 11th album refines their sound and gives it a modern productive tweak. [Oct 2010, p.112]
  3. This is an album that celebrates OMD's electric romanticism as purely as ever, with occasional concessions to house music developments made in a way that flatters their own work, part of an impressive desire to keep their original aesthetic . In that respect, it represents a qualified triumph.
  4. 70
    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark's first album in 14 years--and first in 24 to feature the lineup that recorded the bulk of their hits--meticulously returns to the ostensibly perky sound and pensive sensibility of the Merseyside quartet's early-to-mid-'80s heyday.
  5. 70
    Upon first listen, the crew miss the mark with the unfortunate single, "If You Want It," a trainwreck attempt at a new audience. However, there is nary another song on the album so reprehensible. In fact, there are at least 5 cuts that will have many of you reaching for your disco biscuits and hoping for a Skytel page with the coordinates of an epic warehouse sweatfest.
  6. While songs 'Bondage Of Fate', 'If You Want It' and 'Sometimes' present a classic vibe, standalone track 'Pulse' is equally akin to the electronic sound of today. Nice touch.
  7. They set the table for a full-on renaissance, then stopped a couple courses short. With judicious programming, the best two-thirds of History of Modern will give you just enough of that old OMD magic to warrant a purchase. The problem is, it's also just enough to make the rest of the album break your heart.
  8. It's a return to form only in the sense that it finds OMD, several decades on, still struggling with its identity.
  9. Dec 21, 2010
    The results are mixed. The first four tracks are the most rewarding.
  10. At its best, History of Modern is to OMD what Secrets is to the Human League: an inspired return from post-punk-turned-synth-pop greats.
  11. Like Simple Minds, it's not too late for OMD to stride all the way back to greatness. But this album isn't even a stumble in the right direction, and the clock, as always, is ticking.
  12. History of Modern is a record for the die-hard OMD fans only and those who have followed them throughout their career up to their last record 14 years ago might enjoy acquainting themselves with new, but familiar sounds.

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