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  • Summary: The rock trio follow-up "II" with the appropriately titled III.
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  1. This band may take their time between releases now, but they get exponentially more sophisticated and adventurous, not only in their composed material, but in their approach to making records. This is just stellar top to bottom.
  2. All the elements of Espers' sound come together more seamlessly than ever before here.
  3. 80
    Greg Weeks and band reference artists as diverse as Michael Rother ("Caroline"), Cowboy Junkies, and "No Quarter" - era Zeppelin, but the classicism of their compositions keeps all this firmly in the service of the song. [Dec 2009, p. 92]
  4. Espers' folk apocalypse is very now--and very welcome. [Dec 2009, p.112]
  5. As it is, Espers have moved towards new territory, stumbling occasionally, but with a clear eye on where they’ve come from.
  6. The songs on III seem to want to be simple folk songs. And unlike on previous albums, the players aren't always pushing each other higher into new celestial realms. Sometimes, they're just getting in each other's way.
  7. The album clearly fails to find the equilibrium or comfortable midway point between Espers’s debut and II that it seems to be seeking, nor does it make a strong case that such equilibrium is even desirable. At best, it’s a strong set of tracks that ultimately lack the cumulative force of those of the band’s previous two full-lengths.

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