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I'm Lonely (And I Love It) [EP] Image

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  • Summary: A five-track EP from the band featuring Christopher Ewen and the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonson. Like all previous FBH releases, it features a mix of the song "Hopeless."
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  1. With the fabulously synthetic surfaces forming a cozy cocoon around Merritt's reflexive cynicism, the new FBH EP is a shiny, acidic counterpoint to the twilit wallow of [6ths album] Hyacinths.
  2. A slender set of humorously coldhearted would-be club hits that celebrate hopelessness, freedom from tedious human relationships and numbness to heartbreak.
  3. [Stephin] Merritt likes to sing about dancing--'I'm Lonely' gives us good reason to join him on the floor. [#147, p.92]
  4. This is much more melodic and poppy than most dance fodder sharing similar beats...
  5. Future Bible Heroes frontman Chris Ewen just isn't a Merritt-caliber composer, and this EP suffers in comparison to the Magnetic Fields.
  6. The music?s the problem. Given a typically goofy, urbane Merritt turn of phrase like ?You can find your own messiah/in the pit of a papaya,? Ewen crafts the most predictable and robotic of faux-techno settings. There are mildly bumping drums and sequencers, but no Hawaii, no magic and, most fatally of all, no melody.

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  1. patriciac
    Feb 18, 2006
    stephin merrit is always amazing