I'm Lonely (And I Love It) [EP]

  • Record Label: Merge
  • Release Date: Jul 18, 2000

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  1. The music?s the problem. Given a typically goofy, urbane Merritt turn of phrase like ?You can find your own messiah/in the pit of a papaya,? Ewen crafts the most predictable and robotic of faux-techno settings. There are mildly bumping drums and sequencers, but no Hawaii, no magic and, most fatally of all, no melody.
  2. Future Bible Heroes frontman Chris Ewen just isn't a Merritt-caliber composer, and this EP suffers in comparison to the Magnetic Fields.
  3. A slender set of humorously coldhearted would-be club hits that celebrate hopelessness, freedom from tedious human relationships and numbness to heartbreak.
  4. This is much more melodic and poppy than most dance fodder sharing similar beats...
  5. Alternative Press
    [Stephin] Merritt likes to sing about dancing--'I'm Lonely' gives us good reason to join him on the floor. [#147, p.92]
  6. With the fabulously synthetic surfaces forming a cozy cocoon around Merritt's reflexive cynicism, the new FBH EP is a shiny, acidic counterpoint to the twilit wallow of [6ths album] Hyacinths.
  7. 70
    Armed with an arsenal of keyboard riffs and Merritt's impassive baritone, the resulting sound is a velvety mix of '80s-era new wave, bossa nova beats, and melancholy pop.
  8. Features Merritt doing what he does best: writing songs that are smart, funny, literate, and far catchier than anything on commercial radio.
  9. Unfortunately, the melodic acumen Merritt displayed on last year's Magnetic Fields opus, "69 Love Songs," is largely AWOL on "I'm Lonely and I Love It."
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  1. patriciac
    Feb 18, 2006
    stephin merrit is always amazing