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  • Summary: Menomena's Brent Knopf releases the first album of his solo project, Ramona Falls, which features more than 30 guests musicians.
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  1. Intuit is, unfortunately, probably not a high profile enough release to be mentioned in the end-of-year lists nearly as frequently as any of the aforementioned albums. But it’s easily the equal of any of those releases, in terms of its breadth of vision and depth of emotion, and it really establishing Knopf as a supremely talented and truly heartfelt songwriter.
  2. They're like a combination of Where the Wild Things Are, a fever dream, a pagan woodland ceremony, and a notebook doodle. The music is worth taking in, too, over and over again.
  3. Intuit makes sense, easy enough; it elucidates Knopf’s part in his more popular band, as if that were a secret, and it tentatively allows a familiar songwriter some more control, some new ground.
  4. Intuit contains four or five tracks that are absolutely as ambitious and, ultimately, as good as anything the indie scene has produced this year, and it's unfortunate that they may well be heard less because they share album space with a few too many failed experiments.
  5. 70
    Knopf’s unpredictable melodies and funky orchestral arrangements (played by 35 indie- rock acquaintances!) keep tracks like 'I Say Fever' and 'Always Right' lively, resulting in an album that leans more toward epic than emo.
  6. Clearly a path Knopf has walked before, Intuit at times feels like it could stray a bit further from Menomena's obvious trail markers. However, even with the occasional misstep, chances are, when navigating the world of music side projects, you'd be hard pressed to find a more charming guide.
  7. Q Magazine
    While there is plenty to admire in the ambition, there's little to love, as memorable hooks prove to be at a premium. [Oct 2009, p.116]

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