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  • Summary: This is the debut full-length album for the band led by Francis Farewell Starlite; he remixed Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and worked with Drake on "Thank Me Later."
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  1. While there may not be a "Sledgehammer"-style smash here, this stuff hits just as hard.
  2. This is a heartfelt, creative, and deeply inspired album that should appeal to fans of intelligent pop music.
  3. 70
    Tightly wound to the point of unease, the Brooklyn singer-pianist's third album has its occasional irresistible moments.
  4. On his full-length debut, Starlite turns his faith in catchy tunes into a series of studies on the persuasive power of pop itself.
  5. 60
    Earnestly sung lyrics in the vein of Jack Johnson or John Mayer, 80s-style instrumentation (percussion, guitar licks, synths), and constant rhythmic switch-ups are elegantly crafted. This album isn't boring, it's just too polished for the raw sounds and styles it draws influence from.
  6. It's short, boring, and occasionally aggravating, recalling the flatness of acts like Maroon 5 and John Mayer while never coming close to their likeability, and when you're being rocked off the stage by Adam Levine, it's not a good sign.