Jasper County - Trisha Yearwood

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  1. A diverse batch of songs that she brings together as a consistent set, showcasing Yearwood as not just a fine singer, but also a just-gets-better-and-better artist.
  2. An album that's not just one of Yearwood's most entertaining albums, but one of her richest records, in both musical and emotional terms as well.
  3. The tracks here each carry a specific style and personality that speak to its theme of exploring love in all its forms. It's the usual theme for a country record, especially a modern one, but Yearwood's class as a performer shifts even the most standard dedication to love lost, contained, empty, potential, new, or dead, into an area all its own.
  4. Yearwood can pack more feeling into one line of a song than most artists can on an entire album, and the material on "Jasper County" gives her plenty of opportunity to work her magic. [17 Sep 2005]
  5. Jasper beats her '90s efforts.... Yet any personality dissipates amid the average tunes. [23 Sep 2005, p.91]
  6. This album doesn't always play to her strengths. [13 Sep 2005]
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  1. Matt
    Sep 29, 2005
    Reminds me of that great country sound that she started in the 90s - with some rockabilly thrown in - but this is not a jolting change from her more recent stuff. Trisha gives these first rate songs the passion they deserve. Full Review »