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  • Summary: The 28-track collection of unreleased tracks from the rapper/producer, who passed away three years ago, was produced by his mother and arranged by Pete Rock.
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  1. A record that not only tops any solo offering that the late James Yancey released during his lifetime, but also rivals Slum Village’s “Fantastic Part 2” and his own “Donuts” as his finest full-length effort.
  2. Posthumous projects are often ethically iffy, but the presence of Dilla’s hero Pete Rock as musical supervisor should reassure fans that Paid is about celebration rather than exploitation of Dilla’s life and legacy.
  3. 90
    Jay Stay Paid is a smooth hip hop ride. It is an effort that should be applauded and J-Dilla is a producer whose contributions will be appreciated from years to come. This album is another piece of evidence that testifies to that truth.
  4. Rounding out his catalog, Jay Stay Paid makes a worthy addition to any hip-hop aficionado’s collection.
  5. While it is neither as monumental as "Donuts" nor as exemplary as the "Dillanthology" discs, Jay Stay Paid is close to a must for any casual Dilla admirer.
  6. Similar to UGK's "4 Life" earlier this year Dilla's friends, family, and admirers have created a(nother) great tribute to one of hip-hop's great.
  7. This collection of unreleased material is uneven, tossing in undercooked instrumentals alongside tracks with MCs like Black Thought.

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