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  • Summary: Until jj signed with Secretly Canadian to release its second full-length album, the identity of the Swedish duo was unknown to the industry at large.
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  1. They could've fallen out of a high-school locker in a John Hughes movie. They're the best Lou Pearlman demos you've never heard.
  2. 80
    jj No. 3 is an irresistibly light-headed trip through lush, electronic pop. [Jun 2010, p.91]
  3. Essentially, jj have offered a more rounded, somewhat slicker version of what came before, and to the vast majority of listeners the comforting embrace it offers will be welcomed.
  4. It's the explicit handcrafted quality, indie rocks's loose regulations on sharp and flat, and a charming naivete that jj continue to pull off, despite their winking appropriations. [Winter 2010, p.63]
  5. Whether the dip in quality is the result of a rush to create new material or whether these are simply the lesser leftovers from the same sessions that produced N 2, here's hoping JJ take some time (and maybe one of those epically blissful vacations their music conjures so evocatively) to make sure N 4 comes out fully baked.
  6. This album simply sounds like their first with inferior production and less-memorable songs.
  7. Ultimately, jj has the concept and the intrigue down; if only they could get their music to match.

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