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  • Summary: No, it's not a Jeopardy answer meriting the response "Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?" but rather the latest noise-fest from Tim Kinsella & co.
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  1. Disparate though its individual elements may seem (and they certainly are), the sum of the parts is remarkably cohesive.
  2. Though their words suggest such weighty topics, the album remains sonically airy. It might get tense, but it's never dense.
  3. Kinsella and his crew finally seem to have found a way of expressing themselves that doesn't feel introverted and exclusive.
  4. There's a ton of great music on this release, but Kinsella ultimately ruins the focus.
  5. Kinsella’s unrelenting lack of melody, his horribly self-absorbed and nebulous lyrics, and an overall misuse of timing force the rest of the mix into the periphery for a more numbing, frustrating listen.
  6. The album's saving grace is the surrounding music, which almost, but not quite, makes up for Kinsella's constant barrage of tiresome non-sequiturs.
  7. Kinsella carefully enunciates his lyrics to make sure we hear all the clever references he's making, forcing SAT words into musical phrases that stagger under the weight of their pretense.

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