Kollaps Tradixionales - Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band
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  • Summary: The sixth album for the Canadian group is the first credited under the shortened name of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra.
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  1. Positive: 14 out of 16
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  1. Kollaps Tradixionales is an outstanding album that competes with anything the band has done previously under its various monikers. It's early in the year to be predicting albums of 2010, but this will surely be up there.
  2. At the very least, it should win new converts just in time for the long-awaited reunion.
  3. 80
    While Efrim Menuck will never be a technically great singer, his fiery, hopeful delivery here marks a career best. [Mar 2010, p.96]
  4. This is another tippy-toe step forward in a strange journey that's seen them steadily chart a course beyond the ubiquitous post-rock tag to take in orchestral pomp and clattering psych-outs as they forge some sort of hairy, woebegone chamber music for an indie set raised on Dirty Three and The Black Heart Procession.
  5. They may be pared down to 5 members now, but they still generate a big band noise. Whether this is down to overdubbing or clever use of atmospherics is anyone's guess, but the results are convincing.
  6. 66
    The titular light only spills out over rolling snares after much searching. Unfortunately, the remainder of Kollaps Tradixionales isn't quite up to the task. [Winter 2010, p.94]
  7. The co-founder of Godspeed You! Black Emperor still makes stumbling experimental rock but fails to improve on his previous work.

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