Leave Your Sleep - Natalie Merchant
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  • Summary: The former 10,000 Maniacs singer releases a 26-track solo album based on poems about childhood.
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  1. The result is scholary, sure, but surprisingly spirited, too. [16 Apr 2010, p.72]
  2. A highly original two-disc set that as precious as it sounds, adpats poems from such diverse sources as ee cummings ans Gerald Manley Hopkins. [May 2010, p.124]
  3. Leave Your Sleep is easily her most ambitious work, yet because of that welcoming voice, it provides familiarity enough to gather listeners inside this world of sound.
  4. The broad spectrum of genres Merchant explores also prevents the set from feeling overlong. She has returned with a painstakingly constructed record that feels light and nimble, a credit to her still-impressive talent as a songwriter.
  5. Indeed, everything sounds so good from a purely musical perspective that the record perhaps doesn’t showcase its lyricists as well as it could.
  6. This labor of love (so exhaustively researched, so musically collaborative, so many years in the making) is not elitist or pedantic. It’s just beautiful and special.
  7. To be blunt though, for all the great literary and musical figures involved, the result of this creative vision sounds more or less the same as the music Natalie Merchant has been making for her whole solo career. Only more boring.

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  1. Oct 4, 2013
    "Leave Your Sleep" is an incredible achievement that has apparently been under appreciated by many. Ms. Merchant's songs are beautifully melodic and perfectly adapted to the poems. The instrumentation and orchestrations are likewise beautifully done. This has been my favorite album since its release. It is that good. If you are interested in something that isn't the usual fare, you will not be disappointed by this collection. Expand