Lions - The Black Crowes
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  • Summary: 'Lions' continues to build on the sound established in 1999's 'By Your Side,' with this outing produced by Don Was.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 15
  2. Negative: 3 out of 15
  1. Lions is indeed a truer expression of the Crowes' potential: adventurous songwriting ensconced in a blues- and funk-inspired swagger.
  2. 80
    Their latest, Lions, gets back to basics without going backward; the brothers Robinson are still ripping off the classics, sure, but they've expanded the history lesson from the Small Faces and Humble Pie to sharpening the attack with Zeppelinesque tricks and modern rock energy.
  3. Deeply original? No. A rollicking, sing-along good time? Yes.
  4. There's precious little of the extravagant muso twiddling and indulgent nonsense that has waylaid the band sometimes in the past.
  5. When the Crowes stumble into the right place, they soar. Indeed, at its best, their sixth album delivers the same streamlined pleasures that the group rediscovered on 1999's By Your Side.
  6. With the exception of 1999's By Your Side, which showed flashes of the band's original brilliance, in recent years the songwriting of brothers Chris and Rich Robinson has deteriorated into a muddled mess of hard rock cliches. Lions is the low point of that decline.
  7. 'Lions' is widdle-smothered great-grandadrock shite that Hendrix could whack off in ten minutes today, despite being dead. Pumped full of funk-rawk formaldehyde to stop the choruses dropping off, it boasts all the originality of a cloned baked bean and about as many tunes as a tractor makes trying to get out of a ditch.

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