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  • Summary: After releasing Planet Earth for free in the United Kingdom, the singer-songwriter's three albums (one by new artist Bria Valente) are packaged together as a Target store exclusive in the United States.
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  1. Lotusflow3r has Prince channeling his Hendrix spirit guide on a cover of 'Crimson & Clover' shot through with riffs from 'Wild Thing;' on 'Wall of Berlin' and 'Dreamer,' he squeezes the Jimi out of his guitar until you can almost see the hologram.
  2. 'Love Like Jazz' comes from LotusFlow3r, the set’s strongest disc, and the one that best narrows the distance between Prince’s airtight studio work and his rampaging live shows.
  3. LotusFlow3r is the work of a musician who's still curious after all these years.
  4. LotusFlow3r is perhaps the most palatable of the three albums, a guitar-driven collection of rockers and slow jams. There's a lot to like here....Still, they can't save the album from its turkeys.
  5. Prince’s guitar works overtime on Lotusflow3r, often patching over some unfinished ideas.
  6. LOtUSFLOW3R only occasionally transcends the same anesthetized gloss that gummed up "3121" and "Planet Earth," both of which feature stronger songs, not that you'd know it beyond all that polish.
  7. There's an OK cover of Tommy James and the Shondells' 'Crimson and Clover,' but mostly this album's where Prince has stuck his fill3r.

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