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  1. Mechanize is without doubt their heaviest and most powerful, and considering the stark, foreboding lyrical subject matter it seems totally relevant that it should be. A truly emphatic return.
  2. Quite simply, Mechanize corrects all of the band’s past missteps including those made prior to Dino’s departure. It is a collection of everything that made them great without any of the extraneous influences that came later.
  3. Mechanize isn't quite in a class with Demanufacture or Obsolete, which are widely regarded as two of Fear Factory's most essential releases. But it's still an album that longtime followers will welcome.
  4. Fear Factory’s slices of digital dystopia no longer sound futuristic or groundbreaking, but Mechanize is a powerful statement from a revitalized and still-relevant band.
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  1. Nov 1, 2015
    This is absolutely different than what I was expecting. The Fear Factory I know was one part metal and another part futuristic soundscape.This is absolutely different than what I was expecting. The Fear Factory I know was one part metal and another part futuristic soundscape. Albums as a whole usually dealt the hand 50/50. I hadn't heard anything as aggressive as Demanufacture from Fear Factory since its landmark release in the mid 90s so I was surprised the Mechanize kicked on and knocked my teeth out in the first minute. This record is heavy. I mean really heavy. Even by Demanufacture standards this album is knockout heavy. If Demanufacture is the Louisville Slugger of the bands catalogue this is the sledgehammer. I was a little sad to see the sonic soundscape futuristic nature of the band give way to a more traditional powerhouse knock down drag out metal album but at this point in their career is was absolutely necessary. This more than makes up for the subpar records in the bands catalogue like Digimortal or Transgression. I was impressed and if you haven't picked up Fear Factory in a while I wouldn't suggest starting here. Use Archetype as a starting point to see that the band didn't abandon their roots, then come to Mechanize so it can punch you right in the face. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! Full Review »