Melbourne - Jackson Scott

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  1. Aug 8, 2013
    Melbourne, is Jackson Scott’s debut album and he is being compared to Syd Barret with an album that he has described himself as “apocalyptic pop”.

    There is a beautiful lo-fi sound to this album and songs such as opener “Only Eternal” and “Wish Upon”, which are followed up by woozy vocals and dreamy instrumentals, yet the vocals can be a bit too much, they can whine on when what you really want is to listen to the music, like a fly obscuring a beautiful view.

    The album is still strong though, and at just under half an hour in running time, it is easy to digest and it won’t alienate listeners as it is so easy to swallow; like honey running down the gullet.

    My main gripe with the album is that I feel like it is a promo CD. I feel that this is not the real thing, it is just for show because the songs are so short that they just seem to cut out when you start to really get into them. There are a few fleshed out songs on here though, like “Evie” and “Together Forever” but I just wish there was more, I just wish there was some more experimenting in dynamics and length, because at points it can get to a stage where you’re like “Okay, I get it”.

    Overall this album is pleasant. It has a very summery yet mysterious gloom to it that can is glistened in reverb. Unfortunately it can slightly undercooked, which is a real shame.
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  2. Jul 24, 2013
    Melbourne is a very soothing and relaxing tale that goes in any direction you please. It mixes psych with some pop with a little bit of eeriness. One of my favorite songs on this album, Evie" exemplifies these elements perfectly and it's really the only highlight for this album, sadly. The problem with "Melbourne" is that by the time you reach half way through the album, it starts to lose your attention. ALthough the first couple of songs are great and soothing and seem very well written, the issue is that the rest of the album sounds to similar to the point were I confuse songs because they sound too similar. Overall though, this album is a good listen for a while, but its better to move on after a couple listens because the songs sound too similar and they never really change tempo other than at the end with "Doctor Mad" (Another favorite of mine). Full Review »