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  • Summary: Julian Koster used a variety of antique and unusual recorders to achieve his unique sounds.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 9
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  1. Unless you’re already a Music Tapes fan, chances are you haven’t experienced anything quite as exquisitely raw, effortlessly transportive, and charmingly distinct in a long time.
  2. At the core of them all is Koster's invested, angelic voice and his singing saw.
  3. The best songs on Music Tapes For Clouds And Tornados feature just Julian and banjo.
  4. Koster's ability to create charmingly imaginative song cycles out of instruments you might find in your grandparent's attic has granted him a fan base that has waited nearly a decade for his sophomore release. It was worth the wait.
  5. Clouds and Tornadoes ricochets back and forth between these three levels: the familiar, the unfamiliar but recognizable, and the unfamiliar and unrecognizable, and like Maddin and Katchor, it’s this tripartite feeling that gives the music its uniqueness while still feeling like an unearthed artifact.
  6. These 15 tracks were certainly worth the almost-decade-long wait.
  7. The record has a strong holiday flavour, so if you’re the type who gets nauseated by reindeer talk in March, maybe wait till December to play this.

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