• Record Label: Flydaddy
  • Release Date: Jun 20, 2000

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  1. Smart, melodic, catchy songs that not only have strong, wonderful structures, but are graced with inventive, clever arrangements.
  2. What SFA have done here is beautifully sublime, and they've done it without ploy or pretension.
  3. One of the most extraordinary indie sets since the Olivia Tremor Control's Dusk At Cubist Castle.
  4. In a world where a cheap squirt of brass is enough to equal "a new direction", the Super Furries' free-range ideas-farming is a vital antidote to the preservative-pumped junk that curdles music's bloodflow.
  5. 80
    The rehearsal-room feel of Mwng succeeds in capturing the organic, woody, mystical atmosphere that was sometimes missing from its highly-polished, heavily-digitised predecessors.
  6. At its best, this is strangely charming, chiming pop music with a twist. At other times, the bare-boned production hampers the inventiveness, rendering a track such as Y Teimlad (The Feeling) a workmanlike Velvet Underground retread rather than the thing of symphonic beauty it briefly threatens to be.
  7. Mwng fits right in with their unique vision, and shows that the band can happily and productively work outside of the traditional bounds of the music industry.
  8. Horns, keyboards and acoustic guitars dominate the 10 tracks here, with an overall live sound that steers clear of the studio effects the band embraced with their last release, Guerrilla.
  9. 'Mwng' or 'Mane' (as in horses) is a purely Welsh language album and is a theoretically disorientating and complex, but triumphantly audacious, experience.
  10. A charming batch of stripped-down rock songs that isn't as fully realized or inventive as last year's Guerrilla, but still makes a damned enjoyable listen.
  11. Minimizing their usual production trickery in favor of live-in-the-studio ensemble thrust, these merry pranksters swim in classic-psychedelia grooves while offering oodles of art-rock allusion.
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  1. WillieL
    Aug 14, 2006
    I speak Welsh. So I know what they're on about (even though Gruff Rhys has a distinctively northen accent). Its excellent.