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  • Summary: Mike Kinsella's latest solo album under the name Owen was recorded over two years.
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  1. New Leaves--Kinsella’s fifth full-length as Owen--was influenced by marriage and fatherhood, and even if he overindulges now and again (if his bones feel old in his early 30s, imagine how they’ll feel at 50), it proves that emo can grow up and still sound wonderfully relevant.
  2. New Leaves may tackle some subtle rites of passage - small in scope but difficult for most men to deal with--but they’re approached with such delicate grace, it’s hard to question that this may be Kinsella’s finest hour yet.
  3. Don't mistake the softness for weakness. While nothing is as biting as the aging hipster takedown 'Femme Fatale' (from his 2006 set "At Home With Owen"), he pulls out the knives and slices pseudo-intellectuals on 'A Trenchant Critique.'
  4. New Leaves benfits from Kinsells'a vibrant looping and somber monotone lyricism. [Nov 2009]
  5. 76
    Whether constantly questioning or dismissively venting, Kinsella's got a true and clever wit to complement his writer eye and musician's ear. [Fall 2009, p.96]
  6. As emotionally impenetrable as the instruments are, Kinsella’s own inner song remains even more obscured by uncharacteristically opaque lyrics.
  7. His immensely understated fifth release as Owen may not be the sharp turn he needs, but it's a hummable start. [Fall 2009, p.72]
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