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  • Summary: His first album in five years, Steve Winwood's ninth studio effort features nine songs, including one with guitar work by Eric Clapton.
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  1. Nine Lives is deeper, heartier, and braver lyrically than anything he's ever done.
  2. Nine Lives follows suit with a set whose nine songs display an ensemble sensibility that gives a generous allotment of sonic room to members of Winwood's band.
  3. His first album in five years is a very musicianly affair, stronger on feel than memorable songs but still a fitting vehicle for one who turns 60 later this month and has nothing left to prove. [June 2008, p.148]
  4. 60
    As reassuring as Nine Lives will be to longtime Winwood fans, it’s bound to leave them wanting more--like a full album of Winwood-Clapton interplay.
  5. His voice is a deeper, huskier shade of British blues, but it's consistent in its strength and optimism all over Nine Lives.
  6. 40
    He indulges in too many mudane romantic/spiritual invocations and vague geopolitical maunderings. [June 2008, p.112]
  7. This record finds Winwood on a clichéd existential journey into jazzy world music territory, which should play well with the over-50 soft cock rock set, who for some inexplicable reason don’t seem to mind six-minute sax solos.
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