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  • Summary: The second album for the British indie-rock band was produced by Owen Morris.
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  1. 80
    It is every bit as ace as their debut. [Jan 2008, p.110]
  2. 60
    Visceral thrills for those who like thier punk served piping hot. [Jan 2008, p.104]
  3. Sonic developments in the form of style, delivery and arrangement (an experimental approach no doubt encouraged by Mogwai producer Tony Doogan, who recorded the album in Glasgow earlier this year) are marred by disappointingly dumb and predictable lyrics, and where the quintet once made it sound so easy to come up with killer choruses, this second effort finds them slumping into forgettable filler territory on more than one occasion.
  4. From the outset, No Mundane Options drifts by without asserting itself.
  5. A disappointing lack of originality on an album that is all too clearly in thrall to The Libertines and all their many acolytes. [Jan 2009, p.120]