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  • Summary: Recorded at the same time and released on the same day, 'Aw, C'Mon' and 'No, You C'Mon' are actually intended as separate albums, rather than two parts of a double album. The Nashville String Machine lends strings to each.
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  1. As is the case whenever [Kurt] Wagner's velvet croon wraps itself around a night that ends so late it's already morning... there really isn't a critic in the world who can touch him. [combined review of both discs; Mar 2003, p.94]
  2. Whilst the songs on No You C’Mon don’t flow together as smoothly as those on Aw C’Mon, a number of them are of a similar ilk; lush, concise modern country that only Lambchop can do, the sound of a band from Nashville rather than a Nashville band.
  3. The real fun is to be had on No You Cmon, as Lambchop gets much more adventurous and bold in their musical arrangements.
  4. 80
    It's not hard to work out that these two albums really do function as a double, and certainly represent the group's most complete work to date. [combined review of both discs; Feb 2004, p. 68]
  5. They've rediscovered their broad range and proud, sleeve-worn strangeness.
  6. Perfectly lovely to listen to, undoubtedly, but curiously difficult to digest. [combined review of both discs]
  7. NoYouCmon is more eclectic and less focused, with fine moments to be found.

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