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  1. Older, wiser, and a little weathered around the edges, Versus no longer has time for irony or niceties. Accordingly, On The Ones isn't a nostalgic tickle--it's a wake-up punch.
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  1. Dec 30, 2011
    I haven't heard from them in years and it is a pleasure to hear them once again, older obviously, some of the subject matter of they're songs reflect this.still the same pleasing formula, while I'm sure the song writing credits just say Versus it has always been my belief that the majority of the songs were written by James with a couple of killers thrown in by Fontaine ("Double Suicide a Mercy Killing") the same holds true on this album.If you loved them in the past you will love this album.My only question is does James still say "smoke cigarettes there good for you" Full Review »